The Geography and Early Development of Rome
Updated: 12/20/2019
The Geography and Early Development of Rome
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  • The Geography and Location of Rome
  • The Myth of Romulus and Remus
  • The influence of Etruscan Engineering
  • Rome is a penisula off the coast of Italy. It started out very small but the emprie eventually grew very large.
  • The influence of Etruscan Sports
  • In the myth of Romulous and Remus the two boys are too be assasinated. They end up getting set in a river and being left to die. Then a wolf ends up picking them up and they get raised by it and end up learning they are princes. When they learned they were princes they go and make a city and romulous kills Remus and names it Rome.
  • The influence of Greek Architecture
  • Etruscan engineering helped the Romans discover the arch. The arch was used in many important buildings like the Coloseum
  • The influence of Greek Art/Religion
  • In Etruscan Sporting events they held chariot races and gladiator events. In these events therwere many fatalities.
  • Romans were greatly influenced by the Greeks. They learned how to make different types of columns using concrete.
  • The Romans took alot of Greeks religion. The Romans worshiped many gods many of which were adapted from greek but had their names changed.
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