Meso America Part 1

Meso America Part 1

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  • Geography of Meso-America
  • Olmecs
  • Zapotecs
  • The geography in Mesoamerica is queit varied. With the Mexican Vally and the Mexican coast. With the high lands and the low lands whcih were the two main landscapes. The high lands lie within the mountains of the Sierra Madre which is a mountain system in mexico. Which mostly has flat and fertile land which was good for agriclture. But they were rocked from time to time by volcanic eruptions and powerful earthquakes. The lowlands were much less active and lied along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico as well as the jungels of Yucatan. As well as the Penuslia which is located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribean Sea.
  • Mayas
  • One of the most earliest civilizaton was known as the Olmecs. There culture began along the Mexican Gault coast around 1200 B.C. In which the development of this culture had help to led to the birth of Mesoamerica's first civilization.  Like many other anceint civilizations the Olmec emrged from floodplains of rivers. Which heavy rain caused these river to overflow and deposit fertile slits on there plains. WHich this allowed farmers to lots of crops. Which in time the cultures aconmy exspaned. Including cities like San Lorenzo. Which each city contained prramids and temples built on earthen mounds and crated felids in which they ballaed a ball game of sorts. Which daily lide as an olmec was for workers who hauled rocks for stone sculptures. Which farmers also made us most of Olmec socity. Who were at the bottom while the rulers were at the top, folloed by preist, merchants, and artist.
  • Aztecs
  • The Zapotec's who had built the first amjor city in Mesoamerica begings were humble. They had developed there socity in Oaxaca Vally which was a latge open area where three samller valleys meet . Which it had fertile land due to it's river and mild cilamate and abudant rainfall. Which allowed the Zapotecs to grow many crops espically maize. Which for centuries the Zapotec lived in fatming villiages which were located throughout the Oaxaca Vally. But then around the 1300 B.C a settelmet called San Jose Mogote emerged as the Zapotecs center of power. Which then around 500 B.C the center of power shifted when the Zapotcs built a city known now as  Monte Alban which was hight atop at mountain. Whichthe site overlooked the Oaxaca Valley. WHich due to it's location it had helped the Zapotecs defend themslves against their enimies. Monte Alban became the center of the Zapotec civilization. Around A.D 750  Monte Alban's power began to weaken. Which by 900 the city had disapperared.
  • Cortez and the end of the Aztecs
  • The Mayn's came around the same time as the Zapotecs but there culture had devloped east of the Zapotecs. Which they trived mostly in jugels and forest. Which like Olmec farmers Mayan farmers had developed sucessful agricultural in which they produced splurges of crops including beans, chili pepers, caco beans, and of course maize. Which mayans considered maize to be sacred in which these splurges allowed people to become preist, merchants, and cratspeople to some villages. Which dailt life depende on what calass you were in which was rulers at the top then preist and warriors. Then came merchants and cratspeople. Then finally there were famrers and then slaves. Which Mayns also played a type of ball game in which the team captain of the losing team went up the steps of teh temple and were sacrifiv=ced to the gods. Which for whatevery reaosn the Maya had  abandoned many of there cities by 900 A.D.
  •  The Aztecs came around A.D 1300 whene Aztec nomads migrated intto the Valley of Mexico. Which when the Aztecs arivied the valley was alredy dominated by rivial city states. In which the Aztecs setteled there adopted local ways and served powerful kings and farmers and warriors. But then in 1325 the Aztecs founded there own city named Tenochtitlan. Which was build on islands in a swamp in the westrern part of Lake Texcoco. In which they made artifical Islands called chimpas to feed there growing population. Whch in time The Aztecs soon overtherw ther rulers and became there own civilization. Which there class struture was this. Rulers were at the top then nobels then they were the commoners class which include merchants and artist farmers and soldgers. Which merchants and artist were highly respected and lived in ther own communities. Which many Aztecs were farmers who worked on shared lannd. Which serfs or slaves were the lowest class and helped farmers  and ousehold task. Which religion was central to all classes. Which the Aztecs were polythesic. Which they worshiped as many as 1,000 gods. Whih every house no matter how small had a simple shrine to honor the gods with. Which the Aztecs followed many traditions that they share with other Mesoamerican cultures Such as that they chould please the gods by giveing them offerings and sacrifices in which some were human who were mostly prisoners of war. 
  • Aztec power depended on its army who conquored people and demaded tribute in from defeated populations. Which due to constant war and regular rebellion kept the Aztec empire unstabel. Which was worsen by the unrest in Mocctezuma 2's rule who became emporer in 1502. Which he considered himsleve equal to the gods. Which he also kept puressureing deafeated people for more and more tribute to pay for his luxurious, wasteful lifestyel  untill 1519 he curshed one rebelion after another and then something unspeakable happened. That year conquishidors arrivied from Europe. Which those were Soainish conqorers who were greedy for gold and other riches from North and Sounth America. Which although they were few in number they were much more advanced in weapons such as guns cannons and horses. Which the Aztecs spera throwers and swatds were no match aganist. Which the Spainished also brought many diseases such as small pokw that evetually killed millions of people. Which some Aztec joined the Spainsh beliveing they would liberate them from the tyranny of there rulers.  In which it ended whith a great seige of Tenochtitlan in 1521. Which due to there ruthless conquest the Spainish destryed Aztec building, art, literachure. Which some writing survived in the conquest.  But the Aztecs left us with an outstanding and amazeing thing.
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