South and North America

South and North America

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  • Inca Begins
  • Inca Ends
  • Pacific Northwest
  • The Inca were people who were well skilled in working with gold. Which it was diveided into four complex cultures. Which all lived throughout Peru. Which they would dominate this are of land by A.D 1400. Which they all had started in A.D 100. Which started off with teh Moche on teh Northwset coast of South america between A.d 100 and 700. Who lived in a hrash desert enviroment squeezed between the Andes Mountians and the Pacific Ocen to the West. Who were skilled artist and made ceramics and jewlery. Which in South Peru the Nascsa culture thrived from about A.D 200 to 600. Which was one of the earliest complex cultures in South america. Which they were artist as well and made jewlery fro gold copper and silver. As well as that tehy amde ceramic pottery. But the Nasca did leave behind a great mystery becuase they created enromous geoglyphs. Ot large geometric designs and hspes that are drawned on the ground. Which tehy often took the form of animals or birds which due to the dry climate have been preserved. But still taday Archelologest still don't know what tehy were meant for.One of the greates millitary power amoung the Pre-Inca cultures was the Wari cluture. Which dominated the high desert of central Peru from about A.D 500 to 1000. Which with there strong millitary , the Wari overran the Nasca and other people. Which tey then established the frist empire in the region of the Andes Mountains. Which tehy were also skilled farmers, which to cultivate crops on the rugged terrain of the Andes created terrance feilds. Which were flat feilds dug out of the sides of hills. So while the Wari ruled over central Peru the Sican culture flourished in the mountains of northern Peru from about A.D 800 to 1400. Which the Sican created very delicate jewlery from gold silver and copper. Which they prefected a technique of pounding gold into extreamley thin sheets. Which they showed a great re spect for the creatures of the natural world. Which artist created a mural that would be burried with the dead. SO that way they chould be prepared for the next world bu buring them with riches and esentials. Which this practice revealed there belief in an afterlife.  
  • Anceint Pueblo
  • Sadly thoguh the Inca didn't stay due to the Spanish. Which they encoutered each other in the 20th century. Which in 1532 the Spanish conquistador Fransisco Pizarro had 180 men with him and met with the Inca. Which due to them haveing the advantages in metal wepons and horses. So after they met Pizarro's men captured Atahualpa and killed his unarmed attendants. Which the sapish
  • Mound Builders
  • Konw in the Pacific northwest thirty distinct cultures live there. One a narrow strip of mountains and woodland forest. Which offers plentiful game  and plants, as well as the lakes, rivers, and ocen which provide fish, shellfish, and whales. Which due to this abundance the population grew. Which importaunt tribes were the Tlingit who were superd sailors and fishers. There was aslo the Kwakiutl and the Haida. Which both lived by hunting and gathering. But they both setteled in permanaunt homes. Which also the people of the Northwest coast were skilled woodcravers. Which showed tjere realationship with the natural world as well as there belive in a sprit world. Which totem poles are a great example of that. Which totem poles are tll and elaborately craved and painted tree trunks that honerd a revered god or family. 
  • Plains
  • The anceint Publo who lived in the sounthwest which chouldn't be anymore diffrent since it was a desert. So by 1000 B.C the anceint Publo began to farm in various regions and the southwest desert. Which hey inhabited the 4 courners region which litel by litel they began to build villages. whaich they built them on plateaus or in canyons. Whoch there houses were amde from adobe and stone. Which was a clay used fro buildings. Which they also used a thecnique called dry farming it is where they would grow crops on dry land and gave them very littel water. Which they grew corn, beans, and squash which were there three stabels of their diet.  Which they crated lightweight baskets as well as huge and beuitiful pottery. Which one of there most impressive settelmets was Pueblo Bonito located in Chaco Canyon in norther New Mexico. Which it chould house as many as 1,200 people and had more that 600 rooms and 30 kivas which were circular chambers in the ground used for cerimonies and gethering events. Which archeologist belived that due to emense drought people had to migrate to other parts of the SOuthwest. Which also by 1200 the anceint Publo who lived in present day Colarodo built Mesa Verde which was a entire city built out of a cliffside. which it protetced them form the heat, inaveders, and rain. Which had 200 rooms and housed about 250 people. Which in all dwellings in Mesa Verde chould hosue 5,000 people. But in 1300 it was abandoned  which later 1800 two local ranchers discovered the ruins there. Which then in 1906 it then became a U.S national Park.  
  • The mound builders lived East of the MIssissippi River, whihc was full of woodlands and prairies that covered the land from between the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. Know they were known as mound builders becuase thye built huge mounds of dirt. Which those mounds had served as cerimonial and religious purposes. Which they depended on huting and gathering, but they did usally managed to tame wild plants and farm crops. Which included barley and maize which was probly brought by traders. 
  • The Grest planis is a wide flat open area full of sun dried grass. Which it streches North from whre present-day Texas into Canada. So to survive the bitter and cold winters some tribes there built earth loges out of soil and dirt and grasses to house whole families. Which they all had to rely mostly on huting and gathering as well as fishing. This was becuase farming was hard on the dry grassland plains. WHich each tribe there had there own sprtiual belifs and triditions. Whihc many of there homes contained alters inside them for buring incense during there prayers. One animal that was central to the lively hood and the cultuer of teh people of the great plains was the buffalo. Large herds of them grazed of the grass of the plains. But since they were very agressive than cattel so they will attack if provoked. SO huting them was a very dangerous busness. SO what they did is that tehy irrated a horad and lead them down a canyon or over cliffcis where they were them killed. WHich buffalo was a very useful reasource which the people there ate buffalo meat. Used the bufflos skin for cloths and tents bones for tools sinew or tendons fro bowstrings. Boiled hoves they used for glue and buffalo dung for fuel. But in the 1500's whene Spainish introduced horses to the North America. Which some people in the great plains began to use them  which allowed tribes to keep up with the herd much faster. But the Spainsh soon started to kill them for sport shooting them and leaving there meat to rot. Which due to this it causes the almost near exstingtion of the buffalo. 
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