Updated: 5/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • hey we should go hand out with tyler and his friends.
  • i really don't think we should go my mom wants us home before 10 and its already 9.
  • i dont know about this..
  • come on it will be fun!, stop being such a loser.
  • why can't she just realize that we will be in alot of trouble for this...
  • hey tyler!!
  • hey tyler !!!!
  • i dont know about that we are suppose to be home right now.
  • hey we are about to go under the bridge and hang out wanna come
  • come on stop being such a loser
  • yeah come on stay a little longer..
  • we should head back its getting late.
  • atleast we got home before your mom.
  • we would've been home earlier if you wasn't inlove with tyler, like really..