The Aztecs
Updated: 10/20/2020
The Aztecs

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  • Guys! In this field trip we are going to learn about Aztecs culture and we're gonna meet them
  • What is an interesting fact about them?
  • Oh oh I know! They invented a solar year calendar that had 18 months of 20 days each, with 5 extra days.
  • We need to go eat before the kids arrive, but first we need to pray to all of our gods and be thankful for our meal.
  • Yes! We need to pray to every one of our gods including the moon, nature and the sun.
  • We need to be careful to not do our sacrifice that keeps the gods safe and strong in front of the kids.
  • Welcome to our society, it is divided into different social classes. First is king and nobles, then priest and warriors, then merchants and artisans...
  • Ohhh we know! The last one is Farmers and Slaves
  • We are actually living here but we are experts in building pyramids, ball courts, plazas, temples and many more!
  • I know that the Aztecs found roads that help the movement of goods and people
  • What language do Aztecs speak?
  • We speak Nahuatl, spanish, english, aztec and many more!
  • Thank you so much! Your culture is beautiful and we wish to come again soon.
  • Your welcome! I hope to see you again!
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