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The Savior from Evil
Updated: 4/27/2020
The Savior from Evil
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  • King Dasharatha, Queen Kaushalya and his other two queens, Queen Kaikeyi and Queen Sumitra lived happily married in the a far of the kingdom of Ayodhya. All three of his queens we're expecting, but the crown queen was expecting someone very special!
  • Your Majesty, Queen Kaikeyi has given birth to your second son!
  • The Lord explained to Mother Earth that he would be taking birth on Earth as Crown Prince of Ayhohda, where he will get rid of the evil clan
  • Mother Earth, what brings you to the Lord's Presence?
  • Oh my Lord, I fear Earth is in great danger due to the leader of the evil clan's foolish acts! He and his clan have been torturing my subjects for long enough you must do something, My Lord!
  • As the three Queens of Ayodhya went into labor, King Dasharatha waited at his balcony impatiently to receive the genders of his soon to be born children
  • I hope my dear queens bear of sons
  • Your Highness, Queen Kaushalya has blessed you with a son!
  • Well, God has answered our prayers! Go inform the kingdom of the arrival of the heir to my very throne with sweets of all sorts!
  • My, oh my, Could this week get any better
  • Your Highness, allow me to light the fire! You shouldn't be down on your knees doing chores when Queen Sumitra has just given birth to twin boys!
  • Oh, I was just in such a good mood and got carried away, but know you've made me so happy I could lay down and scrub the floors
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