Unknown Story
Updated: 5/20/2020
Unknown Story

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  • What?!
  • Will I ever be the father of a boy?
  • No, but your daughter will have a son, and that son will kill you.
  • Leave! And don’t come back!!
  • Are you ok?
  • I mean besides the fact I was abandoned at sea, I’m doing pretty well.
  • -Perseus-
  • Your wasting your talents here on Seriphus.
  • One day there was a king, named King Acrisius he had wanted a son but got a daughter named Danaë and even though she was beautiful and good, he still wanted a son so he went to the Delphic oracle and this is what happened..
  • Go kill the Gorgon, Medusa of the snaky locks, and bring me her head.
  • There’s a big world out there, you should go see it and do great deeds and become a hero.
  • How could I become a hero?
  • After his visit to the Delphic oracle he locked his daughter in a dark apartment and and even though she was locked up in this apartment a guy named Zeus couldn’t resist and she ended up getting married, then she had a son and the king got so scared about this that he abandoned her and her child to sea!
  • Where is Medusa located??
  • The back of the North Wind.
  • Danaë landed on the island Seriphus and met Dictys, a kind fisherman, he ended up adopting her and her child, Perseus.
  • - Holding a sword and shield -
  • But Dictys had a brother named Polydectes and he had tried to marry Danaë but she rejected him because she was married to Zeus, and Polydectes was scared of Perseus (the son) and he thought of a way to get him killed, this was his plan.
  • After Polydectes told Perseus this quest Perseus located Medusa’s sisters with the help of Hermes (god of Mercury and his guide), well once Perseus found them (there were three of them and they shared one eye), Perseus tricked them by taking there one eye in order for them to tell him Medusa’s location.
  • -Hermes-
  • With the help of three gods (Athena, Hades, and Hermes) Perseus was able to locate Medusa and he was armed with a sword, he had silver sandals with wings, and a shield that was so shiny it could be used as a mirror, in which he used to view Medusa (she turned men into stone if they looked into her eyes) then he turned around and slayed Medusa like magic.