part two

Updated: 8/20/2021
part two

Storyboard Text

  •  can we, make a deal?
  • It doesn't seem like it, I'm a superhero, I'm asking you to put that weapon down or you're not going to want to do it the hard way.
  • The only trick you will have is that you will go to jail.
  • After Shineman took care of knocking out the thief and returning the belongings to the family. The police arrived and took the thief.
  • Thank you, I appreciate it, you saved that family and my establishment, how can I thank you?
  • Don´t worry, it's my duty as a superhero, on second thougth!
  • I have a friedn who needs to take his girl to dinner, but can´t find reservations, Could you help me?
  • Sure, no problem, tell your friend to call this number and we have the table ready for him.
  • And so yet another Shineman story ends.Now our favorite superhero can go to dinner with Alexandra next week
  • Phone call: Alexandra we're going to dinner next week
  • Post credits scene: Shineman and alexandra having dinner.