Of Mice and Men
Updated: 2/17/2020
Of Mice and Men

Storyboard Text

  • Somebody
  • Wanted
  • But
  • Candy
  • It'll be okay George.
  • George is a very dependable person and deals with a lot, he's also very responsible but doesn't really seem like the friendly type. 
  • So
  • George had a dream that both him and Lennie would have their own farm where they would be able to raise rabbits and live the dream life. 
  • Then
  • The problem they had was that their dream wasn't really realistic especially during this time period that they were in, it wasn't necessarily possible.
  • Theme
  • George didn't really act on it when he realized it wasn't necessarily possible because it was Lennie's dream to begin with.
  • When he realized that his dream wouldn't come true he focused on trying to get Lennie to act right by promising him the rabbits only if he didn't do anything bad again.
  • Not every dream you have/wish for is possible or will come true. It is possible for it to happen but that doesn't mean that it will.