Updated: 10/7/2021

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  • Percy Jackson, who lives a difficult life with his ADHD and dyslexia. He goes to a school for delinquents. His only friend, Grover, times him as he holds his breath while he is under water.
  • Percy only has his mother, as his father left after he was born. His mother married a horrible man who treats Percy and his mother badly.
  • One day, Percy's class took a trip to the history museum, where he learned that he could read ancient greek. Then his substitute english teacher turned into a Fury and attacked Percy.
  • On the way to Camp Half-Blood, Percy found out he was a demigod and that Grover was half goat. A minotaur flipped the car, killed Percy's mother, and attacked him and Grover. Percy killed the minotaur with it's own horn.
  • Percy found out that Luke, son of hermes, was the one who stold the lightning bolt. He fought him on the rooftop of The Empire State building.
  • Percy entered Olympus to return the lightning bolt to Zeus. Zeus called off the war against Percy's father Posiedon.