Updated: 10/6/2021

Storyboard Text

  • This picture has a couple hazards including the ladder being on uneven ground and the worker is also on the top rung of the ladder. This is avery dangerous thing to do.
  • This is a big safety hazard. One of the things that is dangerous is me being on the top step of the ladder and another is
  • When using a fork lift you are not allowed to stack anything above your line of sight. In this picture he is not able to see above the boxes and there is someone right in front of the fork lift.
  • When working with power tools you must wear eye protection, ear ppotection and anything else that could protect you. In this picture the worker on the right is not wearing any of those things.
  • When cleaning windows on any building above ground you need to be wearing the requierd safety equiptment. In this picture the worker should be wearing a helmet and most importanly .
  • Working with power lines is dangerous, and that is why you need the proper safety equiptment. Fo this job that includes Insulated tools, eye protectintion, rubber gloves and shock-resistent footwear.
  • When doing mechanical work you should be wearing the required safety equipment, depending on the job that your are doing.