Maori Land March 1975
Updated: 4/14/2021
Maori Land March 1975

Storyboard Text

  • 14th of September 1975- 50 marcher leave Te Hapua led by 79 year old Dame Whina Cooper, beginning the 1000km journey to Wellington. This march was to draw attention to the loss of maori land with the slogan "Not one more acre" meaning not one more acre of maori land should be taken from them.
  • Waitangi Tribunal
  • 23rd of September 1975- The people participating in the land march complete the first 10 days of walking by crossing the Auckland Harbour Bridge. More and more people join or watch to help support the marchers.
  • 25th of September 1975- The march arrives in Hamilton where their leader Dame Whina Cooper addresses the maori land march wearing her Kahu Huruhuru (Feather cloak)
  • 10th of October 1975- The Treaty of Waitangi act 1975 and the Labour government create the Waitangi Tribunal with the power to investigate claimed breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi.
  • 13th of October- Thousands of marchers and supporters crowd around parliament in Wellington which was quite a display for the media and the press. This was showed all over the world on national tv.
  • 13th of October 1975- The one month Land march is brought to an end as they arrive outside the Wellington Parliament where Dame Whina Cooper presents a petition to the prime minister Bill Rowling which was signed by over 60000 people.