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Updated: 2/19/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Causes of the War
  • Trouble with Native Americans
  • Land Battles
  • James Madison wanted to make a deal with the Napoleans. They stated they agreed to it but still attacked America's ships and started attacking Britain. Madison began to think about abandaning Washington's Policy and going to war with Britain. New Englanders and Federalists generally oppose the war.
  • Sea Battles
  • The trouble with the Indians started growing when more people moved into Ohio. The settlers kept pushing the Indians off their land. Some of the Indians fought back. They were creating a big Indian nation along the Mississpi River.
  • The Battle of New Orleans
  • On November 7, 1811, a militia force fought against the Indians who fought back to get back their land. The militia force won but also noticed that they were fighting with guns from Britian. The Americans were outraged. Some congressmen came to say that they needed Britain to stay away from Canada.
  • Results of the War
  • The War Hawks (Britian) were happy to hear that they were going to war. A navy force caputred a Britian fleet of 6 ships. However, Britian was able to drive the Americans back across the border. Americans plans to conquer Canda came to an end.
  • After the Battle of Lake Champlian, the British fleet had surrendered to U.S. forces. The New Orleans was defended by General Andrew Jackson aand a diverse amry of 7,000. The Battle of New Orleans was the greatest victory in the War of the 1812. After the war, Belguim signed a peace treaty.
  • Neither one of us really won the battle. After the war, it weakened the Indian resistance in Northwest Territory. The national pride in the United States surged. Some of the Federalists were badly damaged.