Progress Check #
Updated: 11/25/2020
Progress Check #

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  • Tell The Wolves I'm Home
  • Theme
  • Finn thought that you guys were in that painting, you would never fall apart like we did.
  • Theme Development #1
  • Progress Check #3: By Nicolas Carioto
  • Theme Development #3
  • The Theme of the story is Family. This theme is shown throughout the novel on various occasions.
  • Theme Development #3
  • Greta, don't be afraid, June sent me to find you.
  • This theme is first shown when Finn began to paint a portrait of June and Greta. He did it because Finn thought that they were in that painting, they would be connected forever. He did it so they wouldn't separate like him and their mother did.
  • Thematic Solution
  • That somehow Toby went out into the woods and brought back Greta for me.
  • Greta wondered off drunk in the woods and past out. The police came to break of the party, everyone ran. June went to go find Greta so they weren't caught. June carried Greta all the way home while she was drury.
  • Greta we have to go, the police are here.
  • This theme is also shown, after the play Greta was drunk and wondering off into the woods. June couldn't go get Greta because she was grounded. So June called Toby to go find Greta, because she didn't want Greta to be alone in the rain at night.
  • Greta and June stayed up all night talking and bonding. They haven't bonded like this sense they were kids. June was starting to realize that maybe they were going back they way they used to be as orphans. June thought that maybe Toby brought back the old Greta.