Updated: 3/19/2021

Storyboard Text

  • is this a dagger i see in front of me and the handle is pointed towards me? Come let me hold it.
  • i dont have you but i can still see you. Even though u are fatal i have a hallucination as i am seeing you on the ground.
  • even though i see u i technically i dont see you. U look like the dagger i have now. u are pushing me where i was already planning on going by using this dagger .
  • i see blood splotches on your blase that i haven't seen before. there is no such thing its only because of the murder im about to do is why i see this bloody dagger.
  • Almost everyone is asleep and are having nightmares. The witches offer sacrifices to their goddess Hecate.
  • You don't hear me which way I walk towards you. I take my hallucinations and see its real.