Updated: 12/20/2019
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  • HAN DYNASTY (206BC-220AD)
  • Confucianism emphasized respect for elders, government, and service
  • we will get rid of your kingdom
  • SUI DYNASTY ( -618AD)
  • build faster or else Emperor Wen will be mad
  • oh no, I'm going as fast as I can
  • - Considered a "golden age" because of its prosperity of this time- Founded by Liu Bang- Confucianism was popular
  • - Han dynasty recently came to an end- kingdoms and dynasties emerged and fought each other for domination- Prolonged fighting caused sufering among people
  • YAUN DYNASTY (1279AD-1638AD)
  • - Becomes Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty- Rebuild the Great Wall for protection- Build the Grand Canal to connect the Yellow river and the Yangtze river
  • MING DYNASTY (1368AD-1644AD)
  • FOR CHINAfor our country
  • - New crops & farming methods = more food- Paper currency & money economy-Gunpowder- Magnetic “Fish” Compass
  • 300 paper money for salt with gold
  • how much paper money for salt and gold
  • - Genghis Khan began attacking China; Kublai Khan succeeds- They established trade routes with the west- Chinese are resentful & will rebel
  • - The Chinese get their country back- He disliked foreigners, passed laws against them- Portuguese priests came- unwelcome- Manchu people defeat Ming and establish the Qing
  • FOR CHINA and for getting our country back
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