Updated: 9/10/2020

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  • What is a monarchy government ?
  • I don't like this monarchy government
  • No I am new here so I am not a citizen
  • You don't know about the 4 types of governments in Ancient Greece ?
  • I used to live in Egypt and we had a Pharoah there
  • The first type of government is monarchy it is where one person rules and they are usually a king or queen
  • I heard Tyrants are also Military Leaders
  • The second type of government is tyranny and it is where a cruel and oppressive people rule by force
  • That is so unfair I hate this type of government as well now
  • The third type of government is my personal least favorite oligarchy and it is where a group of rich people rule
  • Yes that sounds fair but I heard that only men over the age of 30 can be citizens
  • The last type of government my favorite is democracy it is where all citizens rule the place together