Chemical Bonding Project
Updated: 5/15/2020
Chemical Bonding Project
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  • Ionic bonds consist of the bonding between a metal and a nonmetal. The metal loses electrons to become a positively charged ion and the nonmetal gains these electrons to become a negatively charged ion.
  • What is Ionic Bonding?
  • Here, we can see Calcium, who is a metal and Oxygen, who is a nonmetal, meeting at the lunch for some friendly bonding.
  • Hey Calcium! You ready for some fun?
  • To show their bond, Calcium gives up 2 electrons to Oxygen. This completes the octet of 8 electrons in the valence electron shell.
  • Hi Oxygen! I definitely am!
  • A Covalent bond involves the sharing of electron pairs between atoms. Covalent bonds are formed between 2 nonmetals. Covalent bonds can also be either polar or nonpolar.
  • What is Covalent Bonding?
  • Hydrogen, I can't feel stable without you, can I please share your one electron with you?
  • Here, we can see that Chlorine isn't stable because she only has 7 valence electrons. As we know, an octet has 8 electrons. With the help of Hydrogen, Chlorine will become stable since Hydrogen has the 1 valence electron that Chlorine needs to form the octet. Together, they become the polar covalent bond Hydrogen Chloride.
  • Of course Chlorine. If you'll become stable, I'm happy to bond with you.
  • Valence electrons are the electrons located in the outermost shell of an atom. As we've seen, they can be transferred or shared with other atoms.
  • What are Valence electrons?
  • In Ionic bonds, the valence electrons are given or taken. On the contrary, Valence electrons are shared in Covalent bonds.
  • Periodic Trends affect bonding due to the way the elements are arranged on the Periodic Table.
  • How do Periodic Trends affect bonding?
  • In Ionic bonds, the atoms that are involved are those that have a difference in electronegativity. In Covalent bonds, the atoms involved are those that have similar electronegativities.
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