The Mayflower Compact
Updated: 3/8/2021
The Mayflower Compact

Storyboard Description

In the first frame, the pilgrims found new land that they decided to create their new government on. In the second frame, they are making laws for the government by asking each other for ideas. In the last frame, some people decide to propose new laws and since they all work together to keep the government strong and a good place they will decide on it together.

Storyboard Text

  • Let's create our government here!!
  • The pilgrims found new land that they are deciding to build their government on.
  • Any Ideas for people to follow the laws?
  • They started to make the government by searching for ideas between each other to create fair laws on their new land.
  • Not yet... but the laws will serve a common good
  • Some people of the village wanted to propose a new law and since they are working together to make a new government they will vote on the potential law.
  • I want to propose a law
  • Then let's all vote on it!!