Unknown Story
Updated: 11/22/2019
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • one
  • what kinda move was that.....
  • ha i won suckerr?
  • two
  • bla bla monkey paw curse blabla ...
  • three
  • i geuss i will get 2 hundred pounds..
  • the dad and the son are playing chess while the old lady is knitting and looks at them werid bc the dad made the wrong move and the son won
  • four
  • soldier morris tells them about the story of the monkey paw the curse of it the person who put a spell on it and gave them their worse fate.
  • five
  • please use the monkey paw. bring me back my son
  • is she out of her mind......
  • the dad was in the kichen while the mom was doing t he dishes and makes his wish of 2 hundred pounds of cash.
  • six
  • we have to run now.
  • the son died at his job so now they see the truth in fate.
  • the wife begged her husband to bring bring back her son with the monkey paw.
  • they had to escape the huge tradgty the faced there was a flash of light at the sons disapearence and the ran out and never came back.