Updated: 11/4/2020

Storyboard Text

  • n o
  • do you know where our water comes from
  • when did we get here
  • it has a lot of treatment to go through before we can drink it
  • sedimentation is when the heavier particles float to the bottom
  • it normally goes through 5 steps to become safe.these steps are coagulation which removes dirt and other particles from the water
  • filtration which is when the water passes through filters and minerals and materials get filtered
  • and then storage where water is placed in a small tank or reservoir which is able to travel through pipes
  • disinfection which small amounts of chlorine is added to kill off any bacteria
  • why am i even following this guy i dont know him and hes explaining how water is made
  • so you learned anything :)
  • yeah how water gets to us and not to trust strangers who tell me about water
  • i wouldnt trust these