Darren Williams - Middle Age
Updated: 5/15/2020
Darren Williams - Middle Age
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  • The Lord Introduction
  • Hey there, this the manor house the other couple of acres are behind here, anyway I am the lord and I run a Feudalism system here, everyone has a job to fulfill, and if they do it correctly they get rewarded with protection or land
  • The Vassals
  • I am a vassal I am second on the feudal pyramid, this behind me is a fief the lord gave me to live in while I get knights for military support.
  • The Knights
  • My job is to protect the manor and for that I have a place to stay here. I'm not comfortable with being but hopefully I could somehow get a promotion
  • It is the 800's and the Lord is giving a little introduction about the manor and the feudal system.
  • The Serfs
  • The Vassal talks about his responsibilities and living in a fief.
  • The Church
  • The Knight talks about his job and being in 3rd of the system
  • The Feudal System
  • The feudal system is a give and take example, the people do what they are told, they are protected and get land. It is fair, but some feel mistreated, like the serfs with tax.
  • I am sadly a serf, before I start I would like to say i'm the only one that has to pay taxes. My duty is to farm and feed those above me, I get protection and land.
  • The Serf talks about his duty and what he gets in return
  • Darren explains the importance of the Church.
  • This here is the church where the people come and pray, the teachings of people are all religious here.
  • Darren talks about the feudal system in present day
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