Neolithic Revolution
Updated: 1/30/2020
Neolithic Revolution
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  • SETTING: Prehistory (time before writing) The Paleolithic Age lasted about 2 million years, and was known as the old stone age, which ocurred during the ice age.
  • Hominids were beings that could walk upright. They created stone tools to help them survive. These tools could cut through stone and rocks.
  • After the Paleolithic age, the Neolithic Age began. This was also known as the new stone age. Hominids began farming which created more food sources and allowed for trading to begin. They began to learn to work together to pass on information.
  • Early humans also began to learn to tame animals. This allowed for a constant food source at hand, and as a result they didn't have to move around and hunt for their food which allowed them to settle down and start communities. Nomads would travel arould looking for a pasture for food.
  • One method that was invented was slash and burn farming. They would cut trees or grasses and burn them to clear a field. The ashes would also fertilize the field for crops to grow.
  • This time period was the Neolithic Revolution. It was known as the greatest breakthrough in history when humans started to use agriculture. Being able to grow their own food allowed for a lot of advancement in their everyday lives.
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