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AP Lit
Updated: 8/21/2020
AP Lit
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Storyboard Text

  • Stanza 2, lines 5-8
  • Stanzas 3-6, lines 9-21
  • We have successfully left the harbor!!
  • Stanza 11-16, lines 41-61
  • It's a miracle! The albatross is saving us!
  • Why do I have to wear this albatross' corpse?
  • All the guests are at the wedding, and they are having a good time. The guests are gathered for the feast and they are listening to jolly music.
  • Stanzas 20-34, lines 79-142
  • The mariner approaches a wedding guest. After initially yelling at the mariner to leave him, the wedding guest was drawn to the mariner’s eyes and decided to listen to his story. The mariner starts his story with his ship successfully leaving the harbor of his native land.
  • Stanzas 38-51, lines 153-219
  • I win!!! HAHAHA
  • There was a storm and the ship was in a harsh winter environment where they could not see. The sailors encountered an albatross, which caused the ice to split up. The albatross was believed to have been sent from God.
  • Stanzas 55-67, lines 232-291
  • Wow these water snakes are amazing!
  • However, the mariner killed the albatross, so all the sailors got mad at him. Then, the fog disappeared, so the men were happy with the mariner as they thought the albatross was the reason for the fog. But, when the waters became difficult again and the men started dreaming of water demons, the men were mad at the mariner again and made him wear the albatross’ corpse.
  • The mariner saw something on the horizon and realized it was another sail. The men went towards the ship, only to find out that the ship’s crewmates were DEATH and LIFE-IN-DEATH. LIFE-IN-DEATH won a game and made the Sun go down and the moon go up, killing all the sailors but the mariner, who was now cursed.
  • The mariner was alone on his ship surrounded by corpses. The mariner was unable to die for seven days, but he eventually saw and appreciated water snakes. This allowed the mariner to pray and the albatross’ corpse fell from the mariner’s neck.
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