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AP Lit 2
Updated: 8/21/2020
AP Lit 2
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  • Stanzas 68-108, lines 292-467
  • He has already been punished for killing the albatross .
  • Stanzas 114-119, lines 488-513
  • Hang on! We are coming to help you!!
  • Stanzas 133-136, lines 574-590
  • As a free man, the mariner can sleep. Additionally, blessed spirits visited his crewmates’ corpses and they completed their old ship tasks. Afterward, voices visited the mariner and he heard them talk about how the mariner killed the albatross and how he paid his punishment for it. A force sends the mariner’s ship to his native country.
  • Stanza 144, lines 622-625
  • The mariner saw seraphs of his crewmates wave, then he recognized the Pilot, his son, and the Hermit coming to help the mariner.
  • The end!!
  • The mariner told the Hermit his story and it removed his guilt, but the guilt keeps coming back until the mariner tells another person destined to hear his story. Specifically, the wedding guest was destined to hear the mariner’s story.
  • After the wedding, the wedding guest is stunned. He is now much wiser and has new insight on nature, but he is also now sadder.
  • THE END!!
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