Updated: 11/20/2020

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  • Chilling with OJ
  • He is gone!
  • There is a video about him
  • They are chilling with OJ on October 14. OJ was making funny noise like usual. And everything was going good.
  • They watch it
  • I have the chicken, give me a raise and i will give it back!
  • Then, on October 15, HE WENT MISSING. They searched everywhere but couldn't find him. They grieved him very much.
  • talking to mr.princen
  • they found a video of OJ and they watched it, and the result was shocking.
  • mrs.wolf got the raise
  • it was Mrs.wolf! She said she wanted a raise for OJ back and if she didn't get the raise she will fry OJ.
  • They went to go and talk to mr.princen. He said he would give her the raise for OJ back. So he agreed.
  • Mrs.wolf got her raise for OJ back. But she wanted a LOT of money, so she got a LOT of money. were talking 1-2 million dollars for a rubber chicken!