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Updated: 1/4/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Sydney PiescoRainforests
  • Today we are going to be writing on our laptops instead of paper.
  • Rainforests are being destroyed each and everyday. Losing rainforests can result in the effects of climate change, soil erosion, and desertification, etc......
  • There are many ways that we can conserve a rainforest! You can help by planting trees, teach others the importance of a rainforest. We also could embellish parks to protect the living things and the rainforests.
  • Now I am not saying that you have to stop using products made from the rainforest but using less wood, not cutting down as many trees, and using fewer resources from the rainforest are ways to sustainably use the natural resources that the rainforests provide.
  • We should conserve rainforests for many reasons. First, they prevent climate change, they provide many of our resources and many more things.
  • Rainforests also house more than 50% of the world's plants and animals. We could lose so much if we keep clearing rainforests and destroying them!!