very epic rock life
Updated: 3/13/2020
very epic rock life

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  • Sediment life is real annoying because I have to live for a long time with these rocks. But a process called compaction and cementation will combine us to make one giant rock called a sedimentary rock!
  • I'm a metamorphic rock, who will slowly change over the next 8 slides. Right now I'm getting melted to turn into magma.
  • Right now I got melted down to magma but soon I'll cool down to become a igneous rock
  • We then had some crazy wind that was weathering me and my friends down. We then got picked up by the wind to get carried to a different place. We call it moving, and humans call it erosion. After all of this I'll become sediment with the other rocks.
  • Ahh I'm burning!This melting of me will turn me back to magma.
  • You can my magma past to the left of me. But as I'm cooling down I return back to being a igneous rock.
  • Magma