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Updated: 3/18/2021
Unknown Story

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  • You shouldnt be king!!
  • R.I.P. French KIng
  • After the king of france died his nephew the king of england took charge. People were mad about this and it eventally caused the 100 years war.
  • We hate you
  • Longbows are so helpful
  • Battle of Agincourt
  • This was the last win for the English. The French had 50,000 knights and the English had 8,500 men. Due to the Englishes longbows and the land they were on they won this war.
  • The French adapted to develop better and more powerful weapons like cannons that could break castle walls. This is what lead to another victory for the French
  • I am Joan of Arc and I will lead the French to Victory!
  • Joan of Arc was a 17 year old peasant French girl who claimed that god spoke to her and told her to lead the French army to vitory. After she helped the French win she was taken captive by the English and burned at the stake.
  • No we lost
  • Seige of Orleans
  • Joan of Arc lead the French army to Victory in the Seige of Orleans After this war Joan helped the French win several more wars.
  • Thanks Joan of Arc
  • Battle of Castillion
  • Im so gald we have these cannons we would loose if we didn't have them
  • After the Hundred Years War Feudalism dyed out and people started thinking of themselves as part of a country not just loyal to a monarch. England also won the power of the purse. After the Black Death and war recovery, there was a large increase in the European population. This leads to the end of the medieval times and began the Renaissance.
  • We are apart of a country not just loyal to a monarch.