kohlberg's stages of moral developmental

Updated: 10/12/2021
kohlberg's stages of moral developmental

Storyboard Text

  • Stage 1: Obedience/Punishment
  • KYAAAA!!!~
  • I want to show myself more...
  • Stage 2: Self-Interest
  • Can I really do that?
  • Yes. You only have to sign this contract.
  • Stage 3: Conformity and Interpersonal Accord
  • Nooo...! His mother... He needs to find a better agency...
  • What's happening?
  • A breach of contract happens when one party fails to deliver according to the terms of the agreement. At this stage, if I do activities outside my agency's permission, it could lead to multiple problems. I will have to compensate for the damages caused by my action, adding more problems than what I can handle. It could lead to having debt from my company. And if that happens, I won't have any money to pay the hospital costs. So, I'll have to bear with the situation and hopefully get more activities to participate.
  • Stage 4: Authority and Social Order
  • My action would change at this stage, which is Self-Interest. The gain weighs more than the punishment I will receive. If I get to appear on different activities, I will get paid. The money earned might be enough to support my mother for a while.
  • Stage 5: Social Contract
  • Even if the society learned of this dispute with my agency, some of them can might understand why. A hard-working person who would do anything for his mother, that's the image they will get from my action. As long as the people empathize with me, the step I took is in the right.
  • Stage 6: Universal Principles
  • Hmmm... The contract you're in doesn't really favor you in any way.
  • Yes. I don't think I can continue working with them...
  • Same with stage 1, breach of contract revolves around the law. Since contracts are hard to understand, the other party can twist and use it to their advantage, which is risky. At this stage, which is Authority and Social Order, being aware of the agreements is enough to make me behave and be under the heel of my agency. Any actions outside the contract are undesirable.
  • With proper understanding, the contract signed is mostly beneficial to the agency. They don't allow me to fully grow as an idol, limiting my activities that seem to be profitable to them, and doesn't pay me properly. With the opportunity of appearing on different shows, I could use the income in various ways. Then, I could work around the contract and nullify the contract. After that, I could find a job for a meanwhile and hopefully find a reputable agency in the future.
  • At this stage, I would do activities without my agency's consent. They're in the wrong without a doubt, paying me less while getting the most of my income. I'm definitely in a slave contract, and this is not acceptable. I would do whatever I want, even if it means having to fight for my rights.
  • Don't worry. I can help you with that. I'll do my best to help you cut your ties with them.