The Battle Of Marathon
Updated: 2/18/2020
The Battle Of Marathon

Storyboard Text

  • The Battle Of Marathon
  • I King Darius of the Persian Empire, want Greece under my rule. They aided the uprising in Ionia and I see them as a threat. Send envoys to call for submission from Greece to the Persian Rule.
  • After the envoys were sent over to Greece, they were executed in response to submission to the Persians. Greece did not want to be under the Persian rule and were willing to fight for that.
  • Greece
  • King Darius decided to send a fleet to Marathon plain in northeastern Attica, Greece. The Persians plan on invading Greece through Marathon.
  • Persia
  • The Greeks killed our envoys!! We must retaliate! I want war!
  • The Persians are planning an attack. We must get a fleet together at Marathon!
  • Greece
  • Marathon
  • The Greeks were organized into a well suited phalanx. Each soldier covered another with their shields and wore bronze armor. These soldiers were known as the Greek Hoplites, Although the Persians had many more soldiers, the Greeks had a strong formation.