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Battle of Salamis
Updated: 4/25/2020
Battle of Salamis
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  • The EPIC Battle of Salamis
  • Listen to me we should fight them at Salamis!
  • 480 BCE- Themistocles and the other greek commanders argue where the fight should happen
  • No Themistocles, we don't want to fight there.
  • Later this evening when the other generals went to bed...
  • The others won't fight like this...
  • The Persians need to attack us here, then they will fight!
  • I have got a brilliant idea how to make the Persians attack
  • "Themistocles secretly left the assembly, and sent a man by boat to the Median fleet after ordering him what to say" -Herodotus
  • Themistocles sends a slave to Xerxes, the Persian king, with an urgent message...
  • Go to Xerxes and convince him that now would be the best time to attack the greeks
  • At the Persian camp...
  • Xerxes, oh king, the Greeks are weak, attack them now and you will crush them!
  • Their army is weak my ships will cause a quick end
  • Hmm, Yes we will defeat them with our strong ships.
  • Yes Xerxes, you will win and will help you by commanding five ships!
  • Artemisia did you hear this?
  • The next day on Themistocles' ship...
  • Themistocles the Persians attack with their 600 ships!!!
  • My plan worked...
  • Do not worry, we may only have 300 triremes, but we are faster
  • POW
  • Furthermore we also know the terrain around salamis much better
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