Life in the Roman Empire
Updated: 12/19/2019
Life in the Roman Empire
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  • Family Life
  • I'm 10 I'm so happy I'm healthy
  • My baby is really sick and he is only 2.
  • Housing
  • Food and Drinks
  • You would normally have a small family because if you had kids they would normally die before they hit adult hood. In richer families, husbands often held well-paid political positions. In poor families, both husbands and wives had to work in order to feed and care for themselves and their children
  • Education
  • Im almost done with school
  • How old are you?
  • Wealthy Romans lived in grand houses, built of stone and marble. Thick walls shut out the noise and dirt of the city.Nearby, many of the poor crowded into tall apartment buildings. Others lived in small apartments above the shops where they worked.
  • For dinner, poor Romans might have chunks of fish along with some asparagus and a fig for dessert. Wealthy Romans consumed more elaborate dinners. Besides the main part of the meal, they had special appetizers. Some favorites were mice cooked in honey, roasted parrots stuffed with dates, salted jellyfish, and snails dipped in milk.
  • In wealthier families, boys and girls were tutored by their fathers, or often by slaves, until they were about six years old. Many poor children in Rome were sent to work instead of to school
  • I'm 11
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