Updated: 12/11/2019
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  • HMMMMM I always wondered what the 4 important principles are in the US Ecosystem.
  • UMMMMMMMMM Ah yes the 4 important principles of the US Ecosystem come let me show you UMMMMMMMM.
  • Swag bro.
  • AHHHH Private property. You see we can own anything we want my son ONLY if it does not break the our property will be protected and its ours.
  • Why are you up there?
  • Freedom of choice my brother. You can make your own economic decisions like where you want to sell and produce products.
  • You see in reality I'm 5'4 and now I stand on my money now I am 6'6 This is profit is the money made after a sale because you know it cost money to make stuff right?
  • You tall.
  • Competition. You see it is really hard out there. this was once an enemy and I wiped him out and rivalry in businesses goes back and forth to see whom can make the better product.
  • How did he die?
  • Gee thanks wait how am I back here?
  • There you have it the 4 basic principles of the US ecosystem. UMMMMMMM
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