the lost hero ELA book project
Updated: 11/4/2020
the lost hero ELA book project

Storyboard Text

  • WHAT!!!!
  • Hello come with us
  • so what do we do here anyway
  • where are we
  • how do we know witch god is out mother or father
  • hello welcome to camp half blood
  • that is what we like to call getting claimed
  • camp half blood is a place where demigods fight evil monsters
  • calm down we just came here to get orders on what to do
  • woah woah chill for a second
  • you know we can fight if that is what you want
  • just go and kill the cyclops before they take over Olympus
  • it is foolish to come here you know i have orders to kill demigods on sight
  • the main character Jason woke up and lost all of his memories when he woke up he was with 2 people Leo and Piper and they told him that they were on a field trip to the grand canyon when they got there one of their one of there classmates turned into a wind spirit elemental and took there teacher who was actually a half goat man then out of nowhere 2 people in a golden horse chariot and told them to come with them and they did
  • curse you!!!!
  • AHHHH!!
  • after a short trip they made it to a place called camp half blood where they were able to explain that they were demigods and that they had to be claimed by a god soon after Leo got claimed by the god of tinkering and fire Hephaestus and also Piper got a vision from the god hera that her father had been taken so she had to get him back so she told Leo and Jason then she cot claimed by the god aphrodite the god of love and beauty then Jason got claimed by the god zeus witch is not supposed to happen
  • nice job!!!
  • TAKE THIS!!!!!!!
  • so then they went to quebec to find the ice god he told them that if they wanted to get to get closer to savings pipers father they would need to go to the cyclops's hideout and kill them before they were going to try to take over olympus again and if they could not they would be frozen and trapped in the ice castle forever
  • WOO HOO NICE JOB!!!!!!
  • you must be banished
  • AHHHHH!!
  • shorty after that they went to detroit and they when they got there Piper sprained her ankle so she could not fight so Leo took it upon himself to deal with the cyclops so he used his fire powers and killed the cyclops then they figured out where they could get Piper's father back
  • when they got there they found out that there was a huge giant almost about to eat Piper's father so Jason took it upon himself to finally use zeus's powers and he electrocuted and killed the giant witch then they were able to rescue Piper father witch then they were able to use a helicopter to get to the oakland airport witch then actually took them to the wolves den
  • when they got to the wolves den they saw a trapped god hera and the ice princess actually wanted to kill the demigods but she decided not to she thinks her father is a fool and a coward because he is still scared of zeus,hades and poseidon so she came to get rid of the demigods while Jason staled the wolves and the ice princess Leo and Piper got hera out of her cage witch then hera killed the ice princess and the trio was able to go back to camp half blood the END