Updated: 10/5/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Mom I don't wanna go to school , i'm sick.
  • No you were just fine 5 minutes ago , go you will be late.
  • Ok stop taking lets go to school
  • Can you just stop
  • Ugh look who came the hijabi girl and you know whats more funny she is a nerd hahaha
  • They took of my hijab he they call me four eyes and broke my glasess
  • Ahahahahah ah your so funny
  • Stop making fun of her what goes around always comes arouned
  • whispers: When you go inside tell her for eyes okay
  • Oki doki you got a deal
  • Same bestfreind
  • i'm so exited for the map test iv been practicing sense yestrday
  • Shut up for eyes
  • Hahahahahaha
  • So class today we are doing our math map open laptop and get starterd
  • Stop that's not nice apologize
  • I'm so exited
  • Yeahh its so funny:D
  • its to funny ii cant handle this hahaha
  • both of you are susspended and the others go home
  • Teacher Teacher Teacher
  • .
  • First you broke my classes and took of my hijab and called four eyes what do you want more than that
  • First they took my hijab and broke my glasess and called me four eyes
  • Mom i don't want this american school nor, arabic school i want home school
  • Why what happend
  • oh ok i will messege you teacher on, class dojo that your starting home school