Julies Caesar: Act 4 Scene 1
Updated: 5/22/2020
Julies Caesar: Act 4 Scene 1
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  • Summary: Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus are trying to decide what senators to assassinate. Lepidus leaves the room Antony says he doesn't like him, which shocks Octavius. Antony plans on using Lepidus to help fight Cassius and Brutus, but not give him any credit when it ends. 
  • The senators who will be killed are marked down.
  • Yes I do
  • You agree that your brother must die too, Lepidus.
  • I don´t like him. I´m using him to help us win, but he won't get any credit.
  • Wait, what? He is a brave solider.
  • William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Act 4 Scene 1
  • He´s a brave solider and a hard worker, but so is my horse.
  • I think I´m missing something here.
  • Antony, Octavious, and Lepidus decide which senators to kill. Lepidus leaves the room.
  • Brutus and Cassius are raising armies, we need to fight.
  • I understand that. We need to decide on some type of plan.
  • Antony tells Octavious he doesn't like Lepidus. 
  • We shall meet again soon to decide on that plan.
  • That is fine with me.
  • Antony continues...
  • He explains the need to have a shared front between himself and Octavius. 
  • They decide that they will meet again and they exit the stage. Project by Abby Silberman 
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