Fahrenheit Storyboard 3
Updated: 2/1/2021
Fahrenheit Storyboard 3

Storyboard Text

  • After Montag's wife and her friends reported him for having books. The firemen brought him to his house, and he was forced to burn his own home. After burning his home, Montag sets Beatty on fire, and the hound; then flees the seven. He headed towards Faber's home.
  • After successfully escaping to the river, Montag slid into the river. Allowing it to take him to freedom. At the end of the river, Montag got out a walked a little; before he found the train tracks. Montag proceeded to follow the train tracks, searching for like-minded people that live among these tracks.
  • Seeing a soft fire shimmering in the distance, Montag was met with a group of men. Each man remembering books so they may live on. They gave Montag a special serum to change his sent, so the hound can not find him.