Updated: 4/1/2020
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  • Congo was supposed to be the pride of Africa with its lush landscapes and vast amounts of natural resources. Including 1,100 listed minerals and some precious metals .
  • Sadly from 1899 , the Belgians colonised what is now known as the D.R.C. . King Leopald the 2nd killed over 10 million natives and exploited the country and its resources.
  • In 1908 , an outcry due to the deaths forced Leopald to surrender the country to the Belgian government .
  • On the 17th of January 1961 , Patrice Lumumba the president of Congo was assassinated by the order of Leopald . This was to ensure Leopald would always have access to the large amounts of natural resources in Congo .
  • The D.R.C are still suffering from the effects of history today , after Lumumba died a dictator Mobutu took over . He robbed his people an estimated $5 billion and made corruption a political way of life , until he was overthrown in 1997 .
  • Although as you can see , Congo's troubles today aren't only down to its colonisation . Since independence , Congo's leaders have been ridden with corruption and bad governance .
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