Updated: 10/26/2020

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  • One day, Bobby and Sasha took a walk after school down to the local park when they realized something was off. All of the trees still had leaves. This didn't make any sense to them because they all should have fallen off.
  • "Why are there still leaves on the trees? Shouldn't they all be gone by now," Bobby questioned.
  • "Yeah, great point. By now they are always gone. That's weird," Sasha exclaimed.
  • " I despise raking the leaves at the park;however, I really want to figure out why the leaves are still on the trees."
  • " I want to find out why they are still on the trees as well. We should go back to the trees tomorrow, but this time let's inspect them up close."
  • "Hey Bobby! Most of the leaves are sticky. I think someone has been glueing them back on."
  • I really hope she doesn't find my secret out.
  • Walking outside this late was very eerie. I was scared by the time I got down the block. I kept on walking though, hoping to see if I could catch the person glueing the leaves on the trees in action.
  • I saw Bobby in the distance; he was glueing the leaves back onto the trees.
  • "Bobby," I yelled louder than a lions roar.(hyperbole). " It was you this whole time?" Just as I was about to run to him he bolted away into the distance.
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