Updated: 11/28/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Many people have been diagnosed lately, let's work on programming this microchip to cure common diseases!
  • The Nanorobot
  • Let's make the world a better place!
  • The Nanorobot is certified
  • I wonder if this microchip is going to work effectively...
  • It worked! It's officially certified!
  • I don't want to be ill anymore, I'm finally going to be happy, normal, and healthy
  • On the road to health and prosperity we go!
  • I'm thrilled to see the world at this level of health, innovation, and development
  • By the year 2065, scientist noticed that a lot of diseases like Alzheimer's greatly affected humans, so they decided to program a microchip that invades the brain and repairs it.
  • Oops... We're losing control! What's happening?!
  • The moment of truth.. the programmed microchip was tested on animals by vets and scientists, and it was officially certified.
  • Scientists teamed up with doctors to surgically place the microchip in all humans' brains to prevent from such brain/nerve related diseases and cure them.
  • Let them suffer!
  • Hacking into their program is a piece of cake!
  • HAHAHA! How stupid are they to trust a tiny piece of programmed technology in the most important aspect of their lives, their minds!
  • This will make them lose control of everything!
  • Suddenly, humans lost control, it was like they didn't have minds nor self-control whatsoever. People were acting crazy and insane! They were nothing like normal humans.
  • Due to the crazy unwise behavior by all humans, they affected themselves, their world, the environment they live in...etc. but it doesn't matter to them, I mean they've got no minds to even realize this or talk/express! The world is a mess!
  • A short back story... It turned out that the aliens hacked the system that programmed the microchip, and changed the codes, making the microchip react to human blood and lose its codes (getting ruined and making it go crazy).