Cam storyboard
Updated: 2/18/2021
Cam storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Its 10 o-clock in the morning and Cam is texting his friends about how he should make connections in Hollywood because he wants to move there after graduating.
  • After 15 minutes Cam's friends suggest that he uses Tinder. He right away goes to create his business profile where he states that he is graduating soon and looking for connections near Hollywood.
  • After and hour Cam goes into his profile and sets specific seeking preferences for the field, location, gender and experience which he is looking for. He begins to swipe through many difference people who are also seeking business connections and finds one person that stands out to him. Cam finds a woman named Karen who has a lot of beneficial reviews on her profile from others that have met her.
  • As Cam talks to Karen for the rest of the day he realizes that she has what he is looking for. Karen has family connections in Hollywood which can help Cam get is foot in the door of this industry. Karen wishes to meetup at Starbucks to talk more in detail. They plan to meet at Starbucks in the next day for coffee.
  • Cam and Karen talk about how Karen's connections can help him in his plans to move to Hollywood. She gave him her dads business card to contact him and gave a lot of advice that she had from working in that field.
  • Cam thanks Karen for all the help that she has given him and she leaves. Cam is grateful to have found such a good connection that will help him once he moves to Hollywood.