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Updated: 2/4/2021
Jessica Storyboard

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  • Jessica is eating breakfast on an early Saturday morning when she tells her family she need to find roommates for when she moves to NC. Her parents suggest that she uses Tinder to find some. Jessica takes their advice and downloads the app.
  • Jessica finished her breakfast and heads down to her room to set up her Tinder BFF profile. She sets up her seeking preferences for looking for a roommate and also the location. She also adds a gender preference because she wants a female roommate. Jessica pays close attention to the overall reviews of people she is swiping on.
  • After an hour of swiping through people in the Cary, NC area she finds a girl that is also looking for a roommate. Jessica finds a girl named Hanna who is around the Cary, NC area and they plan to Zoom together to get to know each other. Jessica notices that Hanna has good reviews and also common filters as her
  • The next day Jessica and Hanna meet each other on Zoom. They talk for around an hour and realize that they are really compatible and have common interests.
  • Jessica and Hanna have been talking for the past 2 weeks and together they found a potential apartment online that would work for both of them. They plan to check it out in person next week.
  • One week later Jessica and Hanna go and check out the apartment that they found online. They love the layout and location of it so they plan to move in as soon as possible. Jessica was thankful that Tinder could help her find her perfect roommate.