Updated: 12/18/2019
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  • After you made me run back into the stadium to get your jacket i don't care what it is
  • Wait, but that is what Active transport is taking more energy
  • Do you know what Active transport is?
  • Like when i farted and you said stop diffusing it does that have something to do with is
  • Yes that's right diffusion is when something is in one area and then it diffuses or spread out
  • I got one for you do you know what diffusion is?
  • Well active was with energy does that mean passive uses no energy
  • I got another transport for you passive do you know what that is
  • Good job, yes passive requires no energy
  • Now for Osmosis. Do you know what that is?
  • It's when molecules of water move from high to low concentration
  • Ya, doesn't that have something to do with water and high and low concentration
  • It's a gift
  • Endocytosis is when the cell membrane has to form a sac around the particle to bring it into the cell
  • Time for a hard one. What is endocytosis?
  • Man, how did you know that?
  • Now that's a gift
  • Last one, What's exocytosis?
  • Easy, exocytosis is when inside a cell, a sac forms around around a large waste particle so it can leave the cell membrane
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