my religion assessment
Updated: 6/16/2020
my religion assessment
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  • Crucifixion
  • My God,my God why have you abandoned me!
  • Don't be afraid,go and tell the other that you have seen me and that i have risen.
  • Resurrection
  • Accession
  • The soldiers wiped Jesus and tore his clothes.They made him wear a crown of thorns.Jesus had to carry a heavy cross up a hill called calvary,near Jerusalem.Jesus fell 3 times so a man in the crowd called peter had to carry the cross for Jesus.Soon jesus hands and feet were nailed to the cross.The whole country was covered with darkness.At about 3 o'clock jesus cried out my god,my God why did you abandon me! Then Jesus died and at noon some of jesus disciples took jesus down from the cross and put him in a tomb.Jesus had died for the sins of the people..
  • Pentecost1
  • 3 days later,2 woman came to the tomb and they saw that the big rock that was in front of the tomb was moved away from the entrance.they looked inside and found out that jesus body was not there.They ran to tell the disciples and on the way Jesus appeared in front of then and said Don't be afraid,go and tell the other that i have risen and that you have seen me.
  • Pentecost2
  • Jesus is the son of god and he is the chosen messiah.he rose from the death and ascended in to heaven and you you should turn away from your sins
  • During the next 40 days Jesus to many of his disciples and friends.Jesus told his disciples that he would send the holy spirit tothem.Jesus blessed them and said teach the good news.Then jesus ascended into heaven in front of the disciples.
  • Pentecost3
  • 10 days later after Jesus ascended into heaven his believers went to jerusalem and waited for the holy spirit to come they prayed and waited.But one day a mighty gust of wind came into the room where they were staying.tongues of fire wear above their heads.This was the holy spirit jesus was talking about.They opened their mouths and started talking different languages.
  • Lots of people were in jerusalem for the pentecost festival some people heard the disciples talking in different languages and thought they were drunk.and some people believed what was happening.then peter spoke in the crowd saying jesus is god's son and that he is the chosen messiah he rose from the dead and assened in to heaven petr told them to turn away from their sins.
  • On pentecost more then 3000 people were baptised that day and wanted to follow jesus.
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