Bomb the Bomb Virus
Updated: 11/2/2020
Bomb the Bomb Virus

Storyboard Description

by Katrina Houck

Storyboard Text

  • Bomb the Bomb Virus: by Katrina Houck2:30pm - Introduction
  • Hi! I'm Bomb, and I'm a bomb virus. This room belongs to a little boy, Tommy, and I'm currently hiding on his hard drive!!
  • 2:35pm- Waiting :/
  • Since I'm a bomb virus, I have to wait another hour to reveal myself, because that's when Tommy will get home. And I absolutely hate waiting.
  • 3:35pm - Arrival
  • He's home! Time to sabotage little Tommy's computer! ;)
  • Yes! School's over! I can't wait to play video games!
  • A bomb virus is a type of computer virus, and it hides on a computer's hard drive until it can reveal itself.
  • 3:40pm - Sabotage ;P
  • As you can see, I have successfully sabotaged Tommy's computer. We live to rue another day, boys!
  • Bomb viruses have to wait until a specific time to reveal themselves.
  • 3:42pm - Retaliating
  • Aww, it's okay Tommy. Let me just install a VPN real quick, and that way we can ensure that nothing like this ever happens again!
  • Since Tommy is home now, the bomb virus (planted by a hacker he was playing Minecraft with) will appear on his computer.
  • 4:00pm - The End :)
  • What kind of witchcraft is this? I can't be destroyed that easily! NOOO, I think I'm melting! Goodbye, cruel world! *dies*
  • vpn
  • The bomb virus has now successfully sabotaged Tommy's computer, making him lose all his data and unable to play any games.
  • Mommy!!!
  • Tommy's mother is installing a VPN, which is one way to help prevent virus attacks.
  • What's this?! Another human?!
  • I just turned it on and then something bad happened!
  • Thanks to the VPN (or however you diffused your bomb virus), Bomb the bomb virus has reached his end.
  • You fixed my computer! Gee, thanks Mom! :D