english book report
Updated: 2/22/2021
english book report

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  • A love story challenged by the son of a hotel mogul, whose attention and loyalty almost convince her that being rich isn't a character flaw, until she finds out that money is a bigger part of their relationship than she realized. Caymen's mom is here for the ride through it all.
  • The main conflict is that Caymen and her mom are poor. Caymen has grown up not having many things and not taking this for granted. When Xander shows up later on with all his money and fancy things, Caymen has a hard time accepting him for his personality over his money.
  • It's okay to be honest with me mom, are you sure you're not seeing a guy? I won't be mad.
  • Caymen went to the dance with Xander and ends up finding her grandparents for the first time because they are rich
  • Why did my mom lie about my grandparents knowing they could've helped with our money issue?!
  • Caymen ends up rushing her mom to the hospital after she starts throwing up blood. Skye(Caymen's friend) calls Caymen's grandparents and they meet them there. That was the first time they saw her in 17 years. They all prayed and hoped for the best.
  • Caymen's mom's sickness was never revealed. Her grandparents also decided to stay with them until they were back on their feet.