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US expansion - Storyboard Texas
Updated: 3/27/2020
US expansion - Storyboard Texas
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  • Rising Tensions
  • If your going to stay here your going to have to though
  • We don't want to listen to your government
  • The Texans Rebel
  • Can you open the borders?
  • Yes sir!!
  • Why would we do that? ARREST HIM!!
  • The Alamo
  • This is the perfect place!!
  • this is what/where we are going to stay
  • The Americans and the Tejanos had complaints against each other. The Americans didn't like taking orders from Mexican officials as the Teganos didn't like how the Americans had come to Texas without Mexico's permission. As well as how the Americans showed little respect to Mexican culture and had no intention on becoming citizens. The Mexican Government closed Texas to further U.S. immigrants due to complaints.
  • Texas wins its Independence
  •   Stephan F. Austin traveled to Mexico to ask them to reopen Texas to immigration. General Antonio López de Santa Anna, was a power-hungry dictator and instead of bargaining with Austin, he had him arrested. Soon after Austin was released, Texans rose up in revolt. Determined to crush the rebels, Santa Anna marched north with some 6,000 troops.
  • Remember the Alamo
  • No you don't!!
  • I better get out of here!!
  • The Texans had taken over an old mission known as the Alamo. Among them was Davy Crockett. Sharing command with William Travis was James Bowie. Slowly, Santa Anna's troops began to surround the Alamo. For 12 days, the Mexicans pounded the Alamo with cannonballs, until the first light of dawn on March 6, when Santa Anna ordered his troops to storm the fort. By day's end, every one of the Alamo's defenders was dead, and those who had survived the battle were executed on the spot by Santa Anna's order. However, his decision to kill every man at the Alamo filled Texans with rage.
  • To Annex Texas or not?
  • I decide to annex Texas!!
  • Sam Houston, the commander of the Texas revolutionary army, lured Santa Anna deeper into Texas hoping Santa Anna’s army wouldn’t be battle ready. Houston’s plan had worked. When Santa Anna’s army arrived, they expected the Texans to attack at dawn, thus keeping his troops awake all night. When no attack came, the Mexicans relaxed and got tired. 
  • Finally we won our independence!!
  • When the Mexican’s were least expecting it, Houston's troops staged a surprise attack and overtook the Mexican camp. While Santa Anna ran during the attack, he was captured the next day. In exchange for his freedom, Santa Anna ordered all his remaining troops out of Texas, thus allowing Texas to win the war for their independence.
  • Come Back Here
  • Texas earned the nickname the Lone Star Republic because of the single star on its flag. While many Texans wanted to be part of the United States, Texas remained independent for 10 years. The 1844 presidential campaign was influenced by the question of whether to expand U.S. territory. In 1845 Congress voted to annex Texas admitting it as the 28th state.
  • I believe we should annex Texas
  • I believe we should't annex Texas
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