Spanish American War story
Updated: 1/9/2020
Spanish American War story
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  • NOOOOOOO!!!!
  • We need to keep peace.
  • The USA wasnt cooperating with Cuba when they asked for the USA's help with getting their freedom so they started burning the USA's sugar cane and using yellow journalism to make it a bigger deal than it was.
  • let Cuba be free
  • No!
  • In response to Cuba's protests they sent the USS. Maine to protect the U.S. citizens and leased land. due to the alliance between U.S. and Cuba Spain launched an attack on the USS. Maine sinking it.
  • we will give Cuba independence
  • President McKinley wanted to keep peace although most of the American citizens wanted war. president did everything in his power to avoid war with Spain.
  • we have gained territory
  • in compensation for the USS. Maine the U.S. wanted Cuba the Philippines Guam Puerto Rico and an end put to the reconstruction camps in Cuba and let Cuba have freedom. Spain did all of these except for the last
  • Spain and the USA signed a treaty stating that they both will give Cuba the independence they were fighting for this treaty was irradiated in 1899
  • after the treaty was signed Spain came through on the promise of giving the USA Cuba, the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico
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