A life of a immigrant

Updated: 12/18/2020
A life of a immigrant

Storyboard Text

  • I dont wanna go i miss my friends.
  • We have too miho.
  • I eat alot of food.
  • Good job you´ll get it
  • My mom wasnt able to come with me to the U.S. because her visa expired.
  • im sorry to hear that its going to be okay.
  • The story begins with David and his mom, anna they are from Mexico and got a permit to come to the U.S. David is sad because he is leaving all his friends from Mexico. His mom said that they need to come to get a better job.
  • i see your very smart in science but it says here you not that fluent ibn spanish but i can work with that
  • Yup
  • David is at his new school and is trying to learn English. David is struggling to adapt to his new life. Kylie is helping him that's his English teacher.
  • Duh Yess
  • Wanna be friends?
  • David sees someone familiar at a restaurant. It is his friend from school in Mexico, but she is crying. David is trying to help her out.
  • Davids's mom is at a science interview. She was very smart in science in Mexico. But there weren't any jobs available in Mexico.
  • David played sports back in Mexico and is trying to try out for the basketball team. Davids meets someone. It seems she is interested in him.
  • David meets up with the girl from the basketball team. There at a restaurant. David is now happy that He has a friend who is on the basketball team his mom has a job.